What is a Hard Disk and How Does It Work? - Complete Information 2020

What is a Hard Disk and How Does It Work? - Complete Information 2020

What is a Hard Disk and How Does It Work?

What is a Hard Disk and How Does It Work? - Complete Information 2020
HDD ( Hard Disk Drive)

As we all know that computers or laptops are made up of many parts, without which they cannot work. One of those parts is the Hard-disk inside the computer. In this article, we will tell you what is Hard-Disk?, How it works, what are its uses and how many types are there?

We are going to give it its full Information in this Article. Nothing will go wrong if Hard Disk is called the heart of the computer.

In today's Article of What Is Hard Disk you are going to know everything about hard disk. It is also called HDD, HDD means Hard Disk Drive. In common language, we also call it simply Disk Drive.

What is a Hard Disk?

Let us explain a simple example. Suppose you have a house and there is a special cupboard in your house where you keep all the things that make up your home safe.

Without that cupboard, your household items will not be safe and you will not be able to get them for use on the second day. This is how Hard Disk occurs.

Hard Disk is the part of the computer where all the files saved in the computer like Audios, Videos, Images, Documents, Softwares and Programs, etc. are safe.

After shutting down the computer when we turn it on again, we get all these things again due to Hard Disk. Hard Disk works to store and protect all these files simultaneously.

You must have understood that what does Hard Disk work for? How does it work

What is Hard Disk ?? - Complete information about hard disk

Hard Disk is an Electro Magnetic Data Storage Device that reads and stores digital information with the help of disks or platters. You must have seen a square flattened black box-like device in the computer, it is actually a hard disk.

Due to Hard Disk, we are able to retrieve all the data, apps and programs we have saved. Meaning that even after shutting down the computer, they remain safe in it and we can use them again anytime.
A device that stores our digital data and keeps it safe to use is called Hard Disk.

There are 2 types of Memory Device in our Computer. One is the Primary Memory Device and the other is Secondary Memory.

Primary Memory Device is our RAM i.e Random Access Memory which is temporary memory. It works as long as Computer or Laptop On remains. It does not store anything but works to trigger that program.

This increases the speed of the computer and the computer does not hang again and again. Because it provides enough memory for the program to run properly, that is, it expands the memory.

What is a Hard Disk and How Does It Work? - Complete Information 2020
RAM (Random Access Memory)

Secondary Memory Device which is Hard Disk. This data is safe for a long time, so it is called Permanent Memory or Non Volatile Storage Device.

You may remember that years ago we used Floppy Disk to store data as Secondary Memory Device. Just put Hard Disk in some similar way, these are also similar devices.

The difference is that Floppy was an external device that we used to take out of the computer after saving the data. In contrast, Hard Disk is an internal device that is connected to the motherboard with the help of cables inside the computer.

However, we can also take out Hard Disk comfortably. It uses Magnet to read and store data just like Floppy Disk.

Now let us tell you in a nutshell  How hard disk works??

How do hard drives work?

Data is stored on hard drives in binary code, using 0s and 1s. The information is spread over the magnetic layer of the disc and read or written by the read heads that "float" above the surface due to the air layer created by the ultra-fast rotation of the disk.

So after knowing about what Hard Disk is and how it works, now we know its types. What is it like.

Types of Hard Disk - Types of Hard Disk

By the way, the history of Hard Disk is now quite old. The world's first Hard Disk was created in 1956 by an IBM company. Hard Disk was invented by Reynold, B Jonson, an American who worked at IBM.

Since then, there have been many changes in Hard Disk. Speaking of recent times, Hard Disk can be divided mainly into four parts. These four types have their different abilities and qualities.


However, Hard Disk was discovered only in 1956. But it took a long time to develop. PATA i.e Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment was the oldest hard disk. It connected to the computer with the help of ATA interface.

It was used extensively between 1985 and 1987. Its data transfer rate was very slow i.e. around 133 MB/s.

You just think that according to that time it was a good device which was at least better than Floppy.


This means Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. This is a little Advance from PATA Hard Disks. Their data transfer rate and speed is much better than them. It uses thin thin Cables.

Their data transfer rate can be up to 500 MB / s or even more. Just understand that SATA Hard Disks have been made with a lot of improvement in PATA Hard Disks, so obviously it will be better than them.


That is, understand what is the Small Computer System Interface Hard Disk and how it works. The data transfer rate speed of such hard disks is quite high. It is much better than both the above types.

These hard disks use the Small Computer Interface to connect with the computer. Their data transfer rate is up to 700 MB / s, so obviously it is more fast and Advance.

 4. SSD

Its full name is Solid State Drive, which comes in the most recent Disk Drive. They are produced by combining Flash Memory Chips and Flash Controllers. These HDDs are much faster than the old Hard Disk Drives.

You can get an idea of ​​their capability with their Data Access Speed. They are much smaller in size and less weight than hard disks. This is also a great advantage of them. But its high price serves to disappoint us a bit.

What is a Hard Disk and How Does It Work? - Complete Information 2020
SSD (Solid State Drive)

Hope you understand easily what is Hard Disk and how many types are there. Now let's compare HDD and SSD to see which are better and why better. How both are ahead or why are they behind each other.

What is the difference between SSD and HDD? Solid State Drive vs Hard Disk Drives Comparison

As we have told you that HDDs are bigger in size than SSDs. Speaking of today's time, hard disks with capacities up to 1TB come. Obviously, you can store a lot more data in them. Because 1 TB of storage is not less.

1 TB means 1024 GB, which is very high capacity. Apart from this, you also get cheaper. SSDs seem a bit backward in this case because they are much more expensive than HDDs. By the way, in terms of size, they are quite relaxed.

They are very light and lightweight. In HDD, Magnet is used for Data Storage Process. HDDs are much weaker than SSDs in terms of speed. This is the reason that computers with Hard Disk Drive take too much time to start.

In contrast, SSDs use Integrated Circuits for data storing. They are very fast and the speed of your computer becomes very fast. SSDs of different capacities are available in the market nowadays. Using SSD makes your computer much faster.

So what is the difference between HDD and SSD? We have tried to provide you complete information about Hard Disk here broadly.

Here you know what is Hard Disk and how Hard Disk works. Hope you have liked the information given by us.

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