10 special things related to PayTM Credit Card || Paytm Credit Card

10 special things related to PayTM Credit Card || Paytm Credit Card

10 special things related to PayTM Credit Card

10 special things related to PayTM Credit Card || Paytm Credit Card

 The e-commerce payment system and digital wallet company Paytm launched its first credit card on 14 May 2019, it has been named "PayTM First Card". The company has partnered with Citibank for this credit card. Here we are telling you its 10 features. Let's know, 10 big things of Paytm Credit Card - PayTM Credit Card 10 Big Things In This Article

PayTM Credit Card Big Things

E-commerce company Paytm has launched this credit card in association with City Bank. Here we are telling you 10 important things about Paytm Debit Card i.e. Paytm First Card.
10 big things about PayTM First Card

Let's know what is the specialty of Paytm Credit Card? about. Paytm credit card has the following features.

    This credit card of PayTM will be accepted all over the world including India. The current Paytm debit card is valid only in India.

  • You will not have to pay ₹ 500 annually for PayTM Credit Card. But if you spend less than 50,000 a year, then ₹ 500 has to be paid.
  •  With this credit card the company claims that Unlimited 1% Cashback will be given. It will come into the card every month in the country by itself, no additional charges will be taken.
  •  If you are a Paytm user, then you can apply for Credit Card through PayTM App. Paytm card statement will be found in Paytm app itself.
  •  In the PayTM app, there will be a complete history of the transaction of this credit card in the PayTM First Card Passbook.
  •  While using PayTM First Card, shopping can also be done by giving EMI under City Privilege.
  •  The PayTM First Card will have the branding of Citibank and Visa, including Paytm.
  •  PayTM credit card customers will get a promo code of Rs 10,000. But it will be able to use the card only after spending 10,000 rupees in 4 months.
  • The PayTM First Credit Card has nothing to do with the PayTM First Loyalty program and it will be decided on the basis of the customers usage behavior that the company will offer the Paytm Credit Card.
  •  PayTM has developed a platform in association with Citibank, through which the company will identify potential users and decide whether a credit card issue can be done.

This was the 10 big things, important things and special things of PayTM Credit Card. Its best and special thing is that you can use it in all countries of the world.

If you want to use Paytm Credit Card, then you must know about these 10 features of Paytm Credit Card.
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