Tipe Tech Google Pixel 4 Review: 7 Main Reasons why you should definitely buy it

Tipe Tech Google Pixel 4 Review: 7 Main Reasons why you should definitely buy it

Google Pixel 4 Review: The Introduction

Welcome to the in-depth analysis and the review of the new Google Pixel 4 Smartphone released early this year. Brought to you by the innovative tech group site of Tipe Tech. We will let you know about the BEST features of the new google pixel smartphone and WHY you should consider buying this.  

In this modern age of technology, Smartphone developing has come a long way. Big companies like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Nokia and xiomi are front runners in the case scenario. As these big brand names pop up, there comes a very futuristic and features and software wise better-than-all the competitors ( Arguably)  brand - from the non-other than the very well-known Google company: The Google pixel.

The newest Smartphone of the pixel series is the Google pixel 4. Without further wasting time, let us tell you why it stands above the rest of the same-range devices and why you should buy it.

Google pixel 4: Review

1. Futuristic Camera

Without a doubt, the main attraction and the biggest feature of the google pixel is the next level camera. Better than all of the same-range cameras, it brings beautiful stuff to the view. Performance is great.

It has a Dual camera of 12.2MP  f/1.7 main, 16MP f/2.4 2x zoom. Awesome Single front-facing 8 Mega Pixel camera hits the spot.  Ability to Video to the qualities of 4K at 30fps is another eye-catching ability of the google camera. In an age where we try to install google cams on some of ours phones, you see the buitl in camera quality of the pixel 4 is a sight to behold.

2. Smooth and Beautiful Display

In a day and age where 60hz display phones are used even in some of the Big company brands, It has a 90Hz refreshing display, small screen though. but that's a plus too, if you think about it. A small screen with a Full High Definition+ resolution – viewing experience excellence. What adds to the experience is that the pixel 4 family has an OLED-based panel, which allows you to enjoy colors a lot more – than in a normal same price ranged device. Here you get lots of color, deep blacks and bright whites right where you feels.

Easy to play games with the high HZ rate and the slightly smaller screen enables the chance to control the all-over-the-screen when playing games. It's 5.7-inch display is a P-OLED display, and with a 1080 x 2280 resolution, and with the 90Hz refresh rate, it's a real advantage.

3. Clever Software Features

Another very impressive feature of the google pixel is the software features that stand above the rest.  The AI Software in the device is pretty awesome. Much more advanced than in the previous models, it's never been better on the google pixel 4. In a time where Artificial Intelligence is taking over everything, This phone models are going in the right direction.

The Face unlock and the motion sense of this phone are also worth mentioning.  It has IR smarts Soli radar chip to Motion the Sense gesture controlling, and a very impressive IR-based 3D facial recognition hardware in face unlock system with No fingerprint scanner. Not having a fingerprint scanner may seem a bit of a downgrade at first, but you realize that if you have such a good motion sensing smarts, why bother.

Talking about software features, you just have to watch and admire the Pure android software in this device. It not only allows the smooth running of the device; it also allows you to change or modify the Main operating system features with a lesser fuzz.

4. Different yet Classy Design

Attractiveness of the Phone Design is a one feature everyone is looking for. Well the google pixel has that covered. The structure of the design certainly sparks style.

The Tactile design calls for itself, having colours like Black, White and ever beautiful Orange. The beautiful Glass front and back adds to the quality design. It has Dimensions of 147 x 68.9 x 8.2mm / and it weights 162g.  IP68 water and/or dust resistant is a very big plus too.

5. Performance

Performance of the google pixel 4 is outstanding. Having a Snapdragon 855 processor to boost, it also has a 6GB RAM.. yikes! Where you at, you mobile gamers? There are 2 versions of the phone with storages of 64GB and 128GB.

Bit of a downfall, though, is the 2,800mAh battery. We all know how smartphones drain battery, and in a 90hz phone that we might use for gaming: doesn't look pretty. Anything above 3200mAh would have been nice. Oh well… Smaller phone size, smaller battery. Still, you can manage with the battery life. At least we and probably the google pixel developers hope so. It’s a bit inconsistent and not that much reliable (battery that is). This seems to be the real big flow of the great pixel 4 device, but it’s still not that bad really... nothing’s as bad as it seems – if I’m being an optimistic phone geek.

But they have certainly up the ante with the Wireless charging. Lots of premium phones from other top brands have this, but for the price range of the pixel device, this is a definite plus.

6. The Pixel 4 price and it’s availability

Well this isn’t a hardware or software feature, more of an advantageous factor, and I’m writing an article on “why the google pixel 4 is awesome”, so there you go... The Pixel 4 starts at the price of $799 for the 64GB model, then you can get a model with double the storage for a price of $899. For the first time in history, Google is offering its phones through all the major carriers in the United states —AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile along with Sprint — as well as some discounts and regional providers, like the Visible, U.S. Cellular and, of course, the Google Fi

You could also, of course, buy an unlocked phone and then take it to practically any carrier you prefer. With the support for both GSM and CDMA bands, the Pixel 4 is widely known for its compatibility with all United states networks that permits or allows you to bring your own smartphone device. So basically, It’s availability is NOT a problem – if you are in the US, of course – and the price seems cheap for an advanced-in-software device like this.



7. More customizable Android

As we said before this device is a pure android device. Having the Android 10 software in it, it can be customized in many ways. If you are a phone geek or a phone-developing-stuff-liking guy, this is A device for you.

Customizable styles of the google pixel 4 includes main features like fonts, colours and dark mode. Another great feature being the Auto-transcribing voice recorder. It's absolutely useful in any given scenario.

Well, this takes us to the end of this article. Like all good things, this also has to come to an end. If you learn anything about the google pixel 4 from this review, please share it among your loved ones. See you guys from another review!

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