Domain Names, Ip Addresses and What They are for

Domain Names, Ip Addresses and What They are for


Domain Name: Introduction

When we talk about the domain name, we are referring to an address of a web site that is primarily intended for easy and quick identification. Speaking of these user-friendly addresses for web sites, these helps connect both computers and people on the Internet.

Given such fact, it is interesting to know that the domain name is understood as a string of letters or numbers that is used to describe an IP address. This is the primary function of the domain name in the field of the Internet. So, since the domain name and IP address are somewhat connected, I will be using the term "domain name IP address" in this article's sense. So please bear with me. Ah, but what is a domain name IP address? Or, an IP address in general? For your information, the acronym IP stands for Internet Protocol. This is so-called as domain name IP address for the reason that this is the numeric address of any domain on the Internet. As it is commonly noted, domain name IP addresses are much similar to telephone numbers. I am sure that you know that there is a common name listed in the phonebook that is associated with a long string of numerals of a specific telephone.

Aside from that, it is also interesting to know that-speaking of the domain name IP addresses; others noted that the domain name IP addresses are like the reference numbers that are applied to categorize the books in a library. As the library codes apply for you to know the title of a book to find in the library, the domain name IP addresses also function somewhat that way. Essentially, a domain name IP address is a set of four numbers that are divided by dots. In particular, the domain name IP address looks like, and each one of these numbers can be between 1 and 255. Just like the mentioned function of the telephone numbers and the reference numbers in the library, the domain name IP address is said to be that important on the Internet. For a computer machine to be able to be located by the other computers on the Internet, it must have its domain name IP address that is distinct from the others.

What is the Domain Name System?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a various leveled and decentralized naming framework for PCs, administrations, or different assets associated with the Internet or a private system. It partners different data with space names doled out to every one of them taking part in elements. Most noticeably, it deciphers all the more promptly retained area names to the numerical IP tends to require for finding and distinguishing PC administrations and gadgets with the hidden system conventions. By giving an around the world, dispersed index administration, the Domain Name System has been a primary segment of the usefulness of the Internet since 1985. 

The Domain Name System appoints the obligation of doling out space names and mapping those names to Internet assets by assigning definitive name servers for every area. System executives may assign authority over sub-areas of their designated name space to other name servers. This component gave disseminated and shortcoming open-minded assistance and was intended to keep away from a single enormous focal database. 

The Domain Name System additionally determines the specialized use of the database administration that is at its center. It characterizes the DNS convention, an itemized particular of the information structures and information correspondence trades utilized in the DNS, as a significant aspect of the Internet Protocol Suite. 

The Internet keeps up two head namespaces, the area name hierarchy and the Internet Protocol (IP) address spaces. The Domain Name System keeps up the space name chain of importance and gives interpretation benefits among it and the location spaces. Web name servers and a correspondence convention actualize the Domain Name System. A DNS name server is a server that stores the DNS records for an area; a DNS name server reacts with answers to inquiries against its database.


The primary intention for creating the system of domain name IP address is for the people to connect to other computers on the Internet by just applying an easy to remember name instead of a particular IP address. So, as a result, it is therefore essential that the domain name must have matching IP addresses for it to function correctly. This is also one of the best explanations that show how the domain name and IP address are connected. This explanation alone led to the association between the two and thus being identified as a domain name IP address. With the domain name IP address, you have the freedom to type either the domain name or the IP address into a web browser, and you will see the same page. It is for the reason that when you type a domain name into the web browser, the Internet Service Provider or ISP will then search the associated IP address in their Domain Name System server. That is how the domain name IP address works.

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