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Redmi 9 Prime Lauch Date, Specification and Features 2020

 Redmi 9 Prime Lauch Date, Specification and Features 2020


 Redmi 9 Prime Lauch Date, Specification and Features 2020
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The company has been releasing teasers for the last few days regarding Redmi 9 Prime and today the wait for this smartphone will be over. Redmi 9 Prime will be launched in India today i.e. on 4 August. This smartphone is being called a rebranded version of Redmi 9 launched in June, which the company will launch in India under the name Redmi 9 Prime. In such a situation, it is expected that its features can be very similar to Redmi 9.

Redmi 9 Prime will be launched in India today at 12 noon through a virtual event. In such a situation, you can sit at home and watch this event live. Live streaming of the launch event can be seen on the company's official website, social media and YouTube channel.

Expected Price of Redmi 9 Prime

Redmi 9 Prime is being considered as a rebranded version of Redmi 9 and in such a situation, there will not be much difference in the price of both the smartphones. Redmi 9 was launched in the global market with an initial price of EUR 149 i.e. around 13,100 Rupees

Redmi 9 Prime specifications and features

  • By the way, the company has not yet made any disclosure about the Redmi 9 Prime features. It has only been clarified that this smartphone will be given full HD + display.
  • At the same time, talking about the global variants of Redmi 9, it has a 6.53-inch full HD + display.
  • Its screen resolution is 1,080x2,340 pixels.
  • This smartphone works on the CHIPSET - MediaTek Helio G80
  • Processor - Octa Core ( 2GHz , Dual Core + 1.8GHz , Quad Core )
  • Expected Ram - 3GB
  • If We Discuss about the performance its Quite Very Good and Smooth .. Well You Play Pubg and Other Games Very well with Smooth Resolutions..+
  • Display Will Be Good in this Redmi 9 Prime
  • It is available in three storage variants in Redmi 9 Prime.
  • It is expected that the company can also launch Redmi 9 Prime in three variants.
  • Redmi 9 has a quad rear camera setup.It has 13MP primary sensor, 8MP ultra wide angle, 5MP macro shooter and 2MP depth sensor.
  • The front camera of the phone is 8MP. For power backup, it has a 5,020mAh battery with 18W fast charging support.
  • It’s come with Image Resolution is 4128 x 3096 Pixels

Sunday, 12 July 2020

What are the requirements to make a website?

What are the requirements to make a website?

What are the requirements to make a website?


You all know that in today's age there will be very few people who will not have Facebook, tutor, Google Plus account. Because this is a great way to connect with the whole world. But if you want to do business online then you should have a website like https://www.takkellapaduofficial.com is in our site support, today I am going to tell you what is necessary to build and what are the things to build your own website. Is needed.

Before getting to know about the things we need to build our website, you should know what is the benefit of the website and why should you create a website.

Why a website should be made??

If you want to have a business on the Internet online and you can also earn money online, then you should make a website of your own. Next I am explaining to you in detail, keep reading.
What should be there to create a website

Before building a website, it is important to know what your interest is in it. Because today I am telling you about the things that must be in your mind and nearby to make it in this post.

1. Basic Information:

You should be aware of the website you are making so that you can answer the questions of usages correctly.

Because if you will not have complete information about your site, then you will not be able to answer the questions of users correctly, so you have to have basic information on your side.

2. Website Topic (Name)

Before creating a website, you should decide well what you want to name your site and the name of your site should be related to your interest.

The name of your site should be such that people can understand what is shared on this site so that my site is https://www.takkellapaduofficial.com which is understood to be an India supporter.

3. Time for website

Before making a website, you have to remember that you have to have time to run the website, the more time you spend on your site, the more popular your site will be.

4. Some new thinking and practice

This is the most important thing that you should have a habit of doing something new because if you are up to date, then you can teach others something.

5. Dare patience and wait

It is very important to have three things inside you to create a website. Many people are such that if they do not become a sister, then they talk about raising the sky.

They all think that we should become famous in the world in 1 day and will soon start earning millions.

Conclusion :

If you think like this then you will never be able to succeed. If there are 3 qualities in the procession then only success and money will be behind you and if you are contrary to these three things then you will always have to run after success and money.

These are the things and qualities that you must have to create a website. Do it if you have these qualities then you can make money by making a website.

Now if you want to make your website, then read our article for it,

I hope that you have got the answer of what is needed to build a website in this post and why you should build it.

Saturday, 11 July 2020

What is Amazon Prime Membership and How to Use ??

What is Amazon Prime Membership and How to Use ??


Many people do not yet know what amazon prime membership is and how to get amazon prime membership. Friends, in this post today, we are going to give you all the information about it. After reading this post completely, there will be nothing that you will not know in amazon prime.

As you all know that amazon website is used most for online shopping. Because amazon is the world's largest online shopping platform. Where you will get every equal easily.

Amazon Prime Membership

Many people in India use amazon for online shopping. If you do not know about amazon prime in such a situation, then you are not able to take advantage of many features of amazon prime membership.

Amazon is an American company. Whose service has already been started in America. amazon Prime is very popular in America. So now it has been launched in India some time ago.

This service of Amazon Prime is very beneficial for those people. Who keep shopping from amazon. Because for amazon prime membership you have to pay some charge. Only after which you can avail amazon prime membership.

What is Amazon Prime Membership ??

Amazon Prime Membership is a Paid service. For which you have to pay 999 ₹ after which you become amazon prime member, whose validity is one year.

When Amazon Prime was started in India, you were given a free 60-day trail, but today its free trail has been extended for 30 days. If you want to take amazon prime membership then you are given 30 days as free trail. And after that if you want to take amazon prime then you can take it.

In Amazon Prime you get a lot of benefit, the biggest of which is that if you buy any product from amazon, then you do not have to pay any delivery charge.

As you know that whenever you buy any product from amazon and if its range is less than Rs 499, then you have to pay its delivery charge. Which is usually 40-50 rupees. But if you have amazon Prime membership, then you do not have to pay any kind of charge every time you buy any Range product from amazon.

Benefit of Amazon Prime Membership ? 

This question comes in everyone's mind as to why amazon prime membership and what is benefit. Let us tell you that if you keep shopping online, that too from amazon.in only then you should take amazon prime. So let's know what is the benefit of amazon prime membership.

1. If you take any goods from amazon which costs less than Rs 499, then you have to pay its delivery charge. But if you have amazon prime membership then you do not have to pay any delivery charge, it remains free for you for one year.

2. In Amazon Prime, the customer gets fast delivery, which if you buy a similar one, then it reaches you in 1 to 2 days.

3. After online shopping from Amazon, you are given a discount of 50 rupees for same day delivery while non prime member has to pay a charge of 150.

4. amazon prime membership customer gets the most benefit of Amazon lightning deal. Because 30 minutes before this deal starts, prime member can recharge anything from this lightning deal. Whereas the common user can purchase  something only after waiting for 30 minutes.

5. In Amazon Prime membership you get to see unlimited video streaming of latest movies, award-winning Amazon originals and TV shows. It is not available for non prime member.

6. By taking Amazon prime membership, you get unlimited playlists, millions of songs and albums which is free for you.

So friends, all these benefits amazon prime member get up to one year. So if you do online shopping with amazon then you should take amazon prime subscription which you too can take advantage of all these offers.

How to get Amazon Prime Membership?

You can use your PC or mobile to get Amazon Prime membership. Because most people use their smartphone for online shopping, we are going to tell you the method of the smartphone step by step.

Step-1. First of all, type amazon.in into google. Or install amazon app on your mobile.

Step-2. As soon as you open amazon website or app. You will see the logo of amazon prime, click on it.

Amazon Prime Membership

Step-3. After this you login to amazon.

Step-4. Now you see two options. "Start your 30 day free trail" and "start a years of amazon prime membership at 999 ₹" Rs.

Amazon Prime Membership

Step-5. Now if you want to use the free trail then click on start your 30 day free trail. Otherwise choose the second option.

Step-6. Now enter your details here and after that you can use the free trail for 30 days. After which you will become amazon prime member.

Conculsion :

So friends, you can avail all the offers of amazon by taking amazon prime membership. So now you must have understood what amazon prime is and why we should take Amazon Prime Membership.

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20 things you should know about Pinterest? - Complete Information

20 things you should know about Pinterest? 


20 things you should know about Pinterest? - Complete Information

Pinterest is a great platform to showcase your brand. Various marketers and bloggers use it. Maybe you do too, but do you know everything about pinterest. Today we will tell you about 20+ pinterest facts  about which you will hardly know. Like Pinterest is a huge social media platform with 367 million active users. In this way, we are going to go here about the pinterest fact about many more pinterest.

We usually know a lot about social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, but many people are not aware of platforms like Pinterest and Linkedin.

We wonder who would have used them, but the truth is that they also have a million users. We have already told about facebook facts.

Come, today we will learn about 20+ Pinterest interesting facts 2020, interesting facts about Pinterest, ?

Interesting facts about Pinterest - Pinterest facts

As a marketing, Pinterest means a promotion platform where you can showcase millions of people by showcasing your brand.

Let us now know the important things about Pinterest:

1. Has more than 200 billion pins.

Pinterest has around 200 billion pins. Now you will say that then I should also use it and take advantage of it, so there is a need to increase the motivation for your brand a little?

For this you go to Pinterest.com and browse through beautiful, unique, funny, thoughtful and motivating pins.

2. More than 72% of the users are female.

You will be surprised to know that more than 72% of users on Pinterest are women (female), besides 19% male and the remaining 9% are unspecified.

Apart from this, it is most used in America. This pinterest is a popular platform in the US. It is the third largest social media site in America.

3. Has approximately 400 million Active Users.

We have already mentioned about it above that there are 397 million active users on Pinterest. Now, how this graph was increased.

4. 83% users purchase by looking at brand.

Pinterest's unbranded searches are very high, which is 97%. In addition, 83% of users make purchases after viewing a brand's content on Pinterest.

This gives you a great opportunity to put the content of your brand in front of your audience. When they are in the initial phase of the procurement process.

5. U.S. Is the third largest social network.

In late 2019, Pinterest emerged as America's third most popular social network. Before this, Snapchat was the third largest social network in the US.

In the US, Facebook is number one (first) and Instagram is the second number (second) social network. Right now Facebook and Instagram are followed by Pinterest with 88 million monthly active users.

6. Earned $ 1142.76 in 2019.

In 2019, the visual bookmarking platform pinterest generated 1142.76 million U.S. in revenue. Dollars had earned close to US $ 755.93 million in the previous year 2018.

7. America's Second Largest Market Share

Market leader Facebook accounted for 55.9% of all social media site visits in the United States in February 2020, and second place pinterest.

Pinterest was in second place with 29.86% of all US social media sites. That is, Pinterest in 2019 after Facebook. Is the second most famous social media site.

8. 98% Users are Satisfied.

You would be surprised to know that 98% of users are satisfied with Pinterest. He says that he searches something new on pinterest and he finds it.

This means Pinterest users are curious, open and creative. If your brand has the "IT factor" they are looking for, then you have a higher chance of converting them.

9. Now international users are more in number.

There was a time when more Americans from all over the world used Pinterest, but now Pinterest has more than 247 billion monthly active users from outside the US.

Pinterest expects its international base to further expand its US base in the future and is also succeeding in it.

10. 6x Videos Views increased from 2018 to 2019.

In general, we consider Pinterest as a platform for sharing photos, images. But pinterest is also not less in videos. The video views here grow from year to year.

Which increased 6x by 2018 to 2019, and you already know how popular it is in video marketing. It is also not less on Pinterest, videos will also get good support in the coming time.

11. "Life Moments" is Pinterest's popular search term.

You hardly know what is most searched on Pinterest. Let me tell you that "life moments" is its most popular search term, which is 22% of its total searches.

other than this :

  •     Wedding season (1 billion searches per year)
  •     New home (3 million searches per year)
  •     New baby (646 million searches per year)
  •     Gifts (566 million searches per year)
  •     Car buying (81 million searches per year)

12. 40% of fathers in the US use Pinterest.

Women dominate the world of Pinterest but this does not mean that men are not active on this platform. In fact, US dad are more active on Pinterest than any other pinner.

40% of fathers in the US use Pinterest. They search 62% more than the average user. Is not amazing pinterest fact.

13. 85% of users use mobile.

Let me tell you that 85% of the users in Pinterest users use mobile, the remaining 15 have computers, laptops, tablets etc.

you know what that means. If your site is not yet mobile responsive, then the time has come to optimize it.

14. 48% use Pinterest for shopping.

You would also be surprised to know that 48% of pinners use the Pinterest platform for shopping. For comparison, it is only 14% on Facebook.

Surprisingly, now you will find that Pinterest is a really amazing platform. You would never have heard about it all.

15. Works best for Aspect Ratio.

Your audience will not appreciate blurred or truncated pins (images inserted on Pinterest). To avoid this, use high-quality vertical images for your boards.

The 2: 3 aspect ratio is best for this. For example 1000 pixels to 1500 pixels and Pinterest works best for this 2: 3 Aspect Ratio.

16. Pinterest gets 67% more sales.

There is a possibility of getting 67% sales by promoting your brand product on pinterest as compared to other promotion sites.

17. Call-to-Action creates 70% more conversions.

Using call-to-action in your PIN description can lead to 70% higher email conversions.

That's why use powerful call-to-action words like "discover" and "learn" to increase membership.

18. 9.5 Million users are interested in Financial Services Content.

Pinners do not use the platform to search only for gift-wrapping ideas. They also come to Pinterest for serious, life-changing decisions.

19. Top 10 Relevant Brands in the U.S.

Pinterest is one of the social networks among the top 10 relevant brands in the US. It ranks 10th after large companies such as Apple, Android, Disney and Spotify.

20. Engagement of video content is very fast.

Users watch promotional videos with 32% longer storylines than videos without one. dont worry. Your story is not long and complicated.

Adding a little human factor will go a long way to ramp up engagement. Also, video assets work better than photos stitched together to create a video.


In this article, we told you about 20+ Pinterest facts hope that after knowing about these interesting facts of pinterest, you will also start using it.

Also we hope that after reading this article you will have learned something new about pinterest and now you know more about it than before.


What is Amazon Prime Membership and How to Use ??

What is Amazon Prime Membership  and H ow to U se  ??   Many people do not yet know what amazon prime membership  is and how to ge...