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How to earn money from Admob - Complete information 2020

How to earn money from Admob - Complete information  2020

You must have used smartphones. You may have seen Ads in many apps installed from Google Play Store. On seeing these ads, the question will arise in your mind that how and why do these ads appear? Can you make money by showing ads like this? .

There are many questions that you would like to know the answer to. When it comes to which company these ads belong to, the simple answer is Google AdMob. Google AdMob is a Google product that shows ads with Android and iOS platform apps.

AdMob is one of the methods that mobile apps owners use recently to earn money. AdMob makes you capable of earning money by showing ads in an app. The more attraction the ad you create by using AdMob, the more you can earn more income.

Today we will show in this post how to earn money from Admob. You can earn money by advertising in App. With the help of Admob, you can make your own app and earn money by showing ads in it. So let's know what Admob is and how to earn money from it.

What is Admob??

AdMob is a performance-based marketing product developed by Google, and helps you earn income by publishing banners and video ads.

The AdMob platform offers an opportunity to earn extra income for those who do their mobile apps business in Android and iOS app stores.

In addition, because these advertisements are responsive, their size can be automatically set according to the screen sizes of those mobile devices which prohibit negatively affecting the user's experience.

How to earn money from AdMob 2020??

To earn money from Admob, follow the below given process. By following these methods you can do Earning from Admob.

1. If you want to earn money from Admob, then first you must have an account of Admob. A common man must have an account of Abmob.

2. You should have your own Android App, you can develop Android App from App Developer, or if you have knowledge of App Development then you can develop App. You can easily earn money by going to the Admob Account in this app and creating an Ads Unit by adding that Ads Unit to yourself and uploading it in the App Play Store.

3. Whenever a person from the Play Store will download your app, then the ads placed through you will show, when there is a click on that ads, you will get income.

4. The more winning your App Downloads will be, the more people will use your App, the more you can earn from Admob.

5. You will have to create an account by paying $ 25 to upload your app on Google Play Store. Then your app will be uploaded to the Play Store.

6. If your app becomes popular, then you can easily earn money by buying and selling the app.

How to earn 10 $ to 20 $ every day from Google Admob?

First of all, your AdSense account should be approved, only then you can take Admob's earnings through Adsense. For this you can first create a free Android Apps. This is some website where Android Apps can be made easily.

App Development to Free Websites??

Now let's consider some of the free websites that you can use to develop an App.

There are some websites mentioned above, from which you can develop Free App. Follow the steps given below to earn from apps created by them.

1. Create Android Apps first and then register your Apps by paying 25 $ Fees in Google Play Store.

2. When Android Apps will be downloaded by 1000 users, then create App Admob publisher account.

3. After that your Google Admob will be approved easily. After taking approval of Google Admob, create Ads of Admob, then edit your Android Apps Coding in Last.

4. Now when a user clicks on the ads shown by Admob, your Earning will start.

5. Keep Admob's Ads 150kb File Key. This is the most important. Size of ads is correct 320 × 50, 468 × 60, 320 × 480. Because Admob's CPC is very high. Admob's CPC gets 0.05 $ to 0.16 $, which will also increase your earning.

Earn money from Admob??

I hope you have liked this article, how to earn money from Admob. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about Admob  to the readers, so that they do not have to search in other sites or internet with reference to that article.

 What is GPS and how does it work?

What is GPS and how does it work? -Complete Information 2020

Today, how easy advanced technology has made our life, we can guess from this that today we do not have to ask people to reach any location. Rather, we can know the path of our destination by just one click on our mobile. And all this is possible due to GPS. You must have used it often. But do you know what this GPS is and how it works, how to use it?

What is GPS and how does it work?

Whenever you go out of your home, first of all turn on GPS in mobile because we get full details of the route and the time taken to reach it. Even where the traffic will be on the way, we also get information through GPS.

But have you ever wondered how GPS works? How does your location track? If you do not know all this, then you will know after reading this article.

Yes, today we will give you complete information of GPS. So let's know what is GPS, how does GPS work, how to use GPS?

What is GPS? (What is GPS)

The full form of GPS is - "Global Positioning System", it is a global navigation satellite system through which we can find the location. This system gives geolocation and time information to any GPS receiver present on Earth.
History of GPS

You must be surprised that GPS technology is very old. This system was first created by the US Defense Department in 1960. The Defense Department had made it to the US Army Security so that they could track the enemy's location.

But then in 1995, this technology was opened to everyone. As a result, today, everyone's mobile phone has GPS.

With GPS, we can know any route and its distance.

What is GPS Tracking? (What is GPS Tracking )

GPS works in association with satellite. For this, the US has sent more than 50 GPS satellites out of the earth, which send continuous signals.

A receiver is used to receive signals sent via GPS satellite. That receiver can also be your phone.

When your phone acts like a receiver, 4 satellites check your location and you can track your ACCURATE LOCATION as well as track speed, distance etc.

That is why whenever we turn on GPS in our phone, we get all the information because at that time our phone acts like an er receiver.

How does GPS work?

Before telling how GPS works, let us know a little more about it. Actually, GPS is a network of 30 satellites that REVOLVE in ORBIT at a distance of 20,000 km from Earth.

As we mentioned above, 4 satellites check your location. So each of these four satellite periodically transmits its position and real time information through signals. These signals travel at the speed of light.

The GPS device receives these signals and calculates how far the satellite is. This is how you find the location.

Where is the use of GPS?

  •     Location (to know your location)
  •     Timing (to know the exact time)
  •     Navigation (to move from one place to another)
  •     Mapping (to map the world)
  •     Tracking (to track someone)

How to use GPS?

GPS is very easy to use, anyone can easily use GPS in their mobile smartphone. To use it, follow the following procedure.

You can install Google Maps from the Play Store. However, in most smartphones, Google Maps is already installed.

1. Open Google Maps

Open Google Maps after installing.

2. Search Box

After turning on GPS in your device, go to the search box which will enter your destination.

3. Click on destination

After entering the destination search box you have to tap on it.

4. Click on Direction

After this, you will see the button of Direction on the screen, click on it.

5. Start point

Now select your starting point.

6. Press the Start button

Now you click on the Start button. According to the given path, you will reach your destination.

In this way, you can use GPS very easily.


So friends, in this article we learned about GPS. What is GPS, how does it work and how can you use it in your mobile.

Hope you have understood about GPS after reading this article. If there is any confusing in your mind right now, then you can ask your questions in the comment section below.

Options for Banned Chinese Apps by India: Chinese Banned Apps Alternatives


Options for Banned Chinese Apps by India: Chinese Banned Apps Alternatives


The Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps. These include popular apps like Tick Talk, UC Browser, Hello and Share It. In such a situation, the users using these apps must be having problems and they must be thinking that which apps should they use now? If you are also one of them, then you do not have to worry. We Indians still have a better option than all the apps in China. In this article, we will tell you about the top Chinese banned apps alternatives  which you can use to replace Chinese apps. Complete list of replacement of 59 apps.

Options for Chinese apps banned by India: China Apps Alternatives

You must be wondering if there are other apps available as an alternative to Chinese apps? If so what are those apps? These are some of the questions that are going on in everyone's mind. We are giving you the answers to them in this article.

Out of the 59 apps that the government has banned, the most 18 apps are in the utility category. 8 apps are video sharing. There are 6 social media apps.

We Indian users have many options for them. The best part is that the options of all these 59 apps are available on Google play store and iOS platforms.

59 China Banned Apps Alternatives - Full List 2020

Before we tell you the options of these China banned apps, we would advise you to stop using all these apps on your own as a responsible citizen, because now these apps have become illegal.

Chinese Banned Apps Alternatives Apps = Options

  • Tiktok, Kwai, Helo, Likee = Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat
  • Weibo = Reddit, Twitter
  • wemeet = Tinder
  • UC Browser = Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • CM Browser = Internet Browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • APUS Browser = Internet Browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • DU Browser = Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • Shareit, Xender = File Transfer, Google, Files Go
  • Vault = Hide file manager, Google, Files Go
  • Shein, ROMWE, Club Factory = Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal
  • Clush of Kings, Hago Play with New Friends Games = Ludo King
  • DU Battery Saver = NA *
  • Virus Cleaner = NA *
  • Mi Community = Reddit
  • YouCam Makeup, Beutry Plus, Selfiecity = Snapchat, G Cam, Open Camera
  • Parallel Space = Dual Apps, Multiple Apps Cloner
  • WeSync, ES File Explorer = Google, Files Go
  • DU Clear = NA *
  • Cache Clear = NA *
  • DU Recorder = AZ Screen Recorder
  • Cam Scanner = Microsoft Offiece Lens, Adobe scan
  • Clean Master = NA *
  • QQ Launcher = Microsoft Launcher
  • DU Privacy = NA *
  • NewsDog, UC News = InShorts
  • QQ Newsfeed = Flipboard, InShorts, Google news
  • Wechat, QQ International = WhatsApp, Telegram, Hike
  • QQ Mail, Mail Master = Client, Outlook
  • Baidu Map = Google maps, HERE maps
  • Bigo live, Viva video QU Video Inc = Instagram IGTV, YouTube, Snapchat
  • Mi Video Call, Xiomi = Google Duo
  • Vigo Video, New Video Status = Snapchat, G Cam, Open Camera
  • Vmate, U Video, V fly Status Video = Instagram IGTV, YouTube, Snapchat
  • Meitu, Wonder Camera, Photo wonder, Sweet selfie = Snapchat, G Cam, Open Camera
  • QQ Player, QQ Musi = VLC, MX Player

Barring just a few apps, all others have alternatives, so you don't have to panic. You may be a tiktoker but the country should be the first for you.

Answers to some important questions related to the ban of China apps

People are asking different types of questions on social media about the banning of China apps. That is why here we are answering some important and important questions, so that you do not have to go anywhere else for them.

Q. How will the government order apply?

Ans: The government will soon issue instructions to Google to remove these apps from the Play Store and Apple from their iOS platforms. Then all these apps will be removed from google play store and app store.

Apart from this, Internet Service Provider (ISP) will be ordered not to access the data of these apps and telecom companies will not be provided networks. Then these apps will stop working.

Q. Why are these apps still on Google Play Store and Apple Store?

Ans: The government will soon order the google and apple company to remove these apps from google play store and app store. Till then they can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store.

Some people are saying that they can still be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store, so what a ban. So tell them to wait for some time, after some time all these will disappear.

Q. How will access to these applications be discontinued?

Ans: Companies that provide Internet networks to users. Such as Airtel, GO, BSNL etc. They give users an internet network in two ways.

  •     Through a mobile network.
  •     Secondly through broadband connection.

The Internet service providers (IPs) do the work of giving the networks of these companies to the users. Internet companies simply have to apply a filter following government directives. After that, users will not be able to access any data on it.

Q. What will happen to people's personal data?

Ans: Users using Chinese apps should download their required data and documents in their mobiles soon. Because now one to two days these apps will be completely closed.

Servers of all app companies are in China. If technically these companies do not delete people's data, then their data will not be deleted. But despite this, users will not be able to access their data.

Q. Will our apps be deleted too?

Ans: Apps will not be deleted from your phone by themselves, they will have to be deleted by you. You will not be able to use them anyway. That is, you will not be able to see your photos, videos and other files on those apps.

Options for Banned Chinese Apps by India: Chinese Banned Apps Alternatives

Q. Will those mobiles already have apps, will they be able to use them?

Ans: Not at all. These apps are completely banned. It does not matter whether you have downloaded before or whether you are downloading now. Now no citizen will be able to use these apps in India.

Q. What kind of privacy were breaking the Chinese apps?

Ans: China apps were insecure. Because when you install an app, you are approved that it can access your photos, videos, messages, files, data.

What he does with your data after that depends on the company. Some institutions sometimes take permission that they can use your data, but some institutions steal data without permission.

At present, in the situation between India and China, Chinese companies can do anything about our data. The old Chinese record is also not reliable in this case. He also specializes in cyber attacks.

That is why the government has taken a conscious decision. Because these apps are also used by people associated with government and military.

Last question: what will happen now?

If encouraged, such apps can become Chinese banned apps alternatives in India too. Anyway, China is not software power, it is simply the power of hardware. Such apps can also be made easily in your country.

Just a little financial incentive will be needed. Right now our startups have to struggle a lot. Many of our software developers work for foreign companies.

Apart from this, there are already foreign apps in India, so they are not made, so native startups do not make such apps. While most foreign apps are banned in China. That's why local apps are made more there.


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